Friday Favorites: Book Edition



So, for this Friday Favorites I’m listing five books (in no particular order)  that I’m really looking forward to reading:

1.  Ugly Love by Colleeen Hoover


Colleen Hoover is a recent new to me favorite author.  The book was published in August of this year and I’ve been on the library wait/hold list since September.  From a youtube pre-release video I watched of the author promoting this book, Hoover said this book is more “mature” than her other books.  If you have never read a Colleen Hoover book before, I recommend Slammed.  That was my first Hoover book and got me hooked!

2. Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult


Jodi Picoult is probably hands down my favorite author.  I’ve read and own almost all of her books.  She writes about really thought provoking topics and really takes the time to research what she’s writing about.  This book just came out this week.  There are 183 people ahead of me on the library wait list.  But, in the meantime, I have some other Picoult books sitting on my shelves that I haven’t read to get my Picoult fix while waiting.

3. Big Little Liars – by Liane Moriarty


I read one of her other books The Husband’s Secret and enjoyed it.  I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about this book as it seemed to be a popular summer read.  So, we’ll see if I end up getting to this anytime soon.

4. On Dublin Street – by Samantha Young


This is a book that I actually own that’s sitting on my shelf!  I got it from paperbackswap a few weeks ago.  I know when Fifty Shades of Grey and the Crossfire series came out, this book became popular.  I never ended up reading it, but after hearing such good things about it I thought I’d give it a try and requested it from paperbackswap.

5.  Hope to Die:  The Return of Alex Cross – by James Patterson

Cover image

I know, James Patterson is one of those you love him or hate him authors.  I have to say his earlier stuff was better.  But I’ve read the entire Alex Cross series, so I have to continue.  And, when I’m in the mood for a quick, suspenseful read, Patterson’s books get the job done.  The super short chapters make me feel like I’m making good progress!

Well, I’m currently on the wait list for four out of the five books here.  I am hoping to get to On Dublin Street soon.  Have you read any good books recently? I am ALWAY looking for good book recommendations!!

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Five For Friday: Pizza Edition!


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Did you know that October is National Pizza Month?!  Pizza is an almost weekly meal at our house.  And I’m not talking about the kind from the pizzeria.  We buy pizza dough at the grocery store and for a fraction of the cost of take-out pizza we have healthier and usually tastier pizza!  So, in honor of National Pizza Month, here are five pizza recipes that we have enjoyed.  The first four pictures/recipe links below link up to my old food blog The Busy Mom Café.  While I don’t post there anymore, feel free to check out the recipes that I’ve made over there.

1.  Bacon, Brussels Sprouts and Goat Cheese Pizza – Usually if I make a specialty pizza like this one, I also make a plain
pizza that I know the kids will eat.  This pizza has some of my favorite ingredients – bacon and
goat cheese.  Yum!

2.  Peach, Basil, Mozzarella, & Balsamic Pizza –  I know it’s not peach season, but this was such a tasty pizza that I’ve
made that I had to post.  Again, when I made this one, I also made a plain pizza for the kids.

3.  CPK BBQ Chicken Pizza –  If you’re not sure what CPK stands for….that’s California Pizza Kitchen.  And if you’ve never
been…..I hope you get to try it soon!  We haven’t been in awhile, maybe even pre-kids!  But
when we have gone in the past, The Weekend Chef and I will split a pizza and a salad.  We’ve
tried this one and we also really like their Thai Chicken pizza.

4. Prosciutto-Mozza Pizza – This pizza is only 5 ingredients but super tasty AND super quick to make!  And it’s a pizza that
we ALL enjoyed!

5.  Baked Pizza Burritos – Have you ever had a hot pocket?  I used to love those things when I was in high school.  It’s
actually been years since I’ve eaten one.  But after making these recently, it totally brought hot
pockets to mind.  This is like a homemade pizza hot pocket….but much healthier and super

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Friday Favorites

I’m happy to be participating in my first Friday Favorites! So, here goes:

1.The Skimm: I had read about this site and decided to give it a try and now love it! The Skimm sends you a daily e-mail with the current events broken laid out in an easy to understand way. Short, sweet and to the point. This is perfect for me. I have no time to read a daily newspaper or watch the news, so in a daily (Monday through Friday) e-mail I get a digest of current events. I even got my husband subscribed. It’s funny when we say to each other, “Hey, did you hear about…..” and we have and we both go, “must have read in on The Skimm!”

2. Picture Day: Yesterday was the yearly ritual of getting the kids dressed up for their annual school photo. Of course, the days prior to this were them trying to convince me to let them pick their own background. If I’m spending $42 bucks each for a photo package, I am choosing the background and boring gray it will be! It’s classy and doesn’t clash on my wall.

3. Phone Taps: I have a 45ish minute commute to work on a good day…on a bad day with traffic, rain, etc. it’s over an hour. While I enjoy listening to audiobooks on my drive home, in the morning I’m usually channel surfing for wake-me up tunes. I started listening to Z100 on the school bus ride to middle school! I can’t say that I’m a regular listener anymore, but I have been continuing to enjoy their phone taps. They have been doing them now for probably close to 15 years now and they still don’t get old. Just this past week I’ve made sure to listen in every morning a little before 7:30 to give me a little laugh! Now you can listen on Pandora or from the site. Check it out!

4. My Slow Cooker: If you do not have one, I highly recommend. Especially with the cold weather coming. It is perfect for making soups and stews that cook while you are at work all day! You get to come home and dinner is ready! This week we had this Slow Cooker Potato and Corn Chowder with some biscuits. I used regular potatoes since that’s all I had on hand and it was pretty tasty. My husband noted if we added some clams and maybe a little clam juice it would be a pretty good clam chowder too! The kids enjoyed this as well, so double plus!


5. My Fall Mums: I was a little late in picking these up this year, but they put a little smile on my face every time I see them sitting on the front deck when I leave and come home.

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