What’s Been Cooking In My Kitchen – Thursday Edition

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So, another week, another menu.  This is what we ate this past week:

Saturday:  The Weekend Chef made Rosti (a Swiss potato dish).  Of course no recipe….but delish!

Sunday:  The Weekend Chef grilled a London broil (probably one of the last grilling meals of fall!) and made some
roasted broccoli and sautéed red cabbage with egg noodles.

Monday: Creamy Lemon Stove Top Chicken from the blog The Mother Huddle.  We weren’t huge fans of this and gave a
2.5 star rating.  It needed more lemon because it just tasted like a cream sauce to me.  Since we bought a
jumbo pack of chicken thighs and they didn’t all fit in the Dutch Oven, I ended up cooking the extras in the cast
iron skillet.  My husband noted that this chicken with the sauce added on at the end was much tastier than the
chicken cooked in the sauce.  Definitely not something I’d make again.

Tuesday: Cavatelli with Broccoli Rabe from FoodNetwork.com courtesy of Family Circle Magazine.  I’ve made variations
of this recipe several times, just not this particular one from foodnetwork.com.  I used rotini for this recipe, since
that’s what I had.  I also substituted 1/2 cup of white wine for the chicken broth the recipe called for.  I think the
wine adds a bit more flavor.  This was one of those go-to recipes since I already had sausage in the freezer
and broccoli rabe was on sale last week.  This was a 3 star, nothing special recipe but quick and tasty enough.

Wednesday: Pineapple Pork Chili from food blog Melanie Makes with Sweet Corn Bread from allrecipes.com by
bookworm70.  I think I was most surprised that this chili recipe didn’t need to cook all day.  So, I was a bit
hesitant….chili in 20 minutes?!!  I have to say, it did pretty much come together within that time frame.  Plus,
there was enough for lunch leftovers.  We gave this 4 stars.  Pretty flavorful and super quick and easy!  And
while the chili was cooking on the stove I whipped together the corn bread.  We rated this 3 stars.  It was nice
and moist and complimented the chili perfectly.

Thursday:  Leftovers!  This doesn’t happen too often….but I LOVE when it does!

Friday: Taco Pockets from food blog Plain Chicken.  My son is a pretty picky eater.  One meal that he does enjoy are
tacos.  So I’m often trying to make variations of tacos – different fillings, different forms, quesadillas, burritos, etc.
As long as there’s some meat, cheese, and tortilla, he’s good.  I was a bit hesitant having to make these on Friday
when we get home around 5 pm and I have to get dinner cooked and my daughter fed before her 6 PM Girl Scout
meeting.  She wanted to help me cook and was a great help in getting these taco pockets made.  Again, this dish
reminded me of another homemade variation of Hot Pockets this time using a biscuit.  This got a family rating of 4
stars.  Everyone, especially the kids really enjoyed these!  I served this with bagged Caesar Salad.

Did you make anything for dinner this week that you’d recommend?  I’m always looking for new recipes and suggestions!


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