The Weekend Chef “Dishes” – Book Review: Food: A Love Story

“The Weekend Chef” a.k.a. my husband, will hopefully be making regular guest post appearances.  This first post of his is a book review for a book that we received through a program called “Blogging for Books.”  As we are a family of book lovers, I thought that this program was very fitting for us.  When I was perusing the books available, this book below was the first one that caught my eye.  The Weekend Chef is a fan of Jim Gaffigan, and he was literally just listening to his comedy sessions on Pandora a couple of nights before I requested this book.  He’s always looking for reading material for his train ride commute to the city so I thought this book would be perfect.  I told him he’d have to write a review of it though for the blog!  So, without further ado, I introduce you to “The Weekend Chef.”

Hey there. Weekend Chef here. I thought I would start with a quick intro of what exactly is a “Weekend Chef”? Well, I spend quite a bit of time throughout the week not cooking at all. I’m also not very good at menu planning, or cutting coupons, or actually knowing where in the kitchen we’re hiding things, or if we even have any pantry items in stock at all….Wait, where was I going with this? Oh yeah. So anyway, I’ve been informed at least once that I’m in charge of locating food for the family on weekends and it had better not be takeout every meal. So my plan is that generally there isn’t one and I go to the store and pick up stuff that looks good and is probably also on sale. This isn’t a 4 star establishment, don’t ya know. But I do enjoy the accomplishment of getting inspired by whatever is fresh and seasonal, cooking a full meal that a 6 and 8-year-old enjoy and generally not using a recipe. I would like to think of that as a small victory. And then I can continue to not try very hard with the planning ahead part if it all comes together in the end.

So this ties into our first book review, appropriately enough about food from a comedian who doesn’t cook at all, unless you count things from the microwave or hot dogs.

Food:  A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan
352 pages
published by Random House
3 stars

I’ve enjoyed Jim Gaffigan’s stand up act for a few years now. Food is a big part of his act. I recommend checking out some of routines after you read the book. In my opinion, I was a little distracted while reading, trying in my head to make it sound like him on stage. First, there are quite a few sections of the book that he’s already used in his act and I was familiar with them already. Second, he has a pretty unique delivery where he makes a joke or two and follows it up with a comment/ critique as if he was a member of the audience in a slightly higher pitched voice. It’s difficult to explain. It’s probably most similar to a ventriloquism act where you get to basically argue with yourself.

Jim has been on the comedy circuit nationwide for many years and has been exposed to a lot of road food, airport dives and a decade of living in Manhattan with his wife and 5 children. As a whole, he aims to take advice on the must-eat local restaurants/ specialties in the cities he travels to, but it doesn’t stop him from eating the most mundane franchise food. He’s not the type to skip a meal and he’s sure to tell us that he’s not a foodie, he just like to eat.

I enjoyed Jim’s take on every imaginable variety of types of food around the country and the world. Eating is clearly what drives many of the actions he takes including making his wife and kids wait impatiently for a hour for the “best” BBQ. If you’re a food snob or a fan of vegetables, this may not be the book for you. For everyone else, this is a fun trip through the eyes and stomach of a man on the road.

** We received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.  However, all opinions are our own.

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