Fall Family Bucket List: Apple Picking


Last weekend, it pretty much rained all day Saturday.  We ended up taking advantage of the nicer (but chilly!) weather on Sunday to go apple picking.  We have gone apple picking every year since we have had children.  This year, The Weekend Chef and I were debating on whether we should go this year.  Believe it or not, we still have cut up apples in our freezer from last year!  But when creating our Fall Bucket List, apple picking was the first thing that BOTH kids said they wanted to do.  I told my husband that we couldn’t deny them this experience.  So, off we went.  There are several orchards near our house.  We opted not to do the whole day “hulabaloo” experience, as I call it, that we’ve done in the past.  We chose Wilkins Fruit Farm, located only fifteen minutes from the house.  We planned to get to the orchard at 10 AM when they opened.  We weren’t the only ones who had that idea!  The parking lot was already to starting to fill up when we got there.  We paid 25 cents for a bag that held half a peck (approximately 5-6 pounds) of apples.  We took a tractor ride out to the orchard and got to picking apples!  The “ready for picking” apples were McIntosh and Empires.  I think the kids ate about four apples each!  After filling the bag we walked back to the orchard entrance and paid $20 for filled bag of apples.  Although it was a bit cool, walking around and picking the apples warmed us up.  Before leaving, we headed to the bakery to pick up some of these…….I mean, this is the main reason The Weekend Chef and I like apple picking….the apple cider doughnuts!


Unfortunately, these were not warm, right out of the fryer doughnuts, so I was a bit disappointed.  It wouldn’t be a trip to the orchard without them though.   When we got home that afternoon “A” and I whipped up this Crockpot Apple Dump Cake.  I see a lot of baking with apples in our future!

Have you been apple picking this fall?  What is your favorite apple recipe?







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