Is it Really Reading?


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that I LOVE to read.  Fortunately, my children, especially my daughter “A”, are quite the bookworms.  However, we’ve run into quite a dilemma in our house.  Unfortunately, our local library has been closed for renovations for quite some time now.  You cannot go into the library and look around for books but you can put books and other materials on hold via an online account and go and pick them up.  Every week I go and pick up the things that I’ve put on hold, including picture books and reading books that I’ve requested for the kids.  Sometimes they put in special requests for a particular book that they want to read.  Other times I put stuff on hold based on recommendations, new releases etc.  Now that school has started, “A” can bring home three books from the school library and several books from her classroom library.  Let’s mix that in with books that we already own in the house (too many to count….I was a former school teacher!) and the five books that she brought home from her last visit to her grandparent’s house (and their local library).  That’s a LOT of books.  Which isn’t necessarily a problem.

The problem is that she has started reading every single one of the books.  Every….single…one.  I find half read books all over the house.  Then the books need to be returned and she hasn’t actually finished reading any of them!  We actually got into an argument earlier this week when I brought home a pile of books from the library, which included a book that she had requested.  I told her I wasn’t going to give her the book until she had finished reading some of the other books that she already was in the middle of reading.  Am I the mean mom, that she told me I was?!!!  I tried to explain to her that the whole point of reading is to start AND finish a story.  I questioned how she can enjoy reading only parts of a bunch of stories.  I think in her mind, there’s just so many books out there that she wants to read (which I totally get, really!!).  I think she also feels pressured since she knows she’s borrowing a lot of these books and they have to go back.  I told her that she can always renew a book or return it to the school library and I can get it from the town library for her.  So yes, she’s reading words in a book, but is she REALLY reading if she’s not actually finishing anything?  I jokingly (but a little serious) told her I’d have her write a book summary about what she read)!  If she’s enjoying herself and okay with her “reading” methods, then should I be?!!!











One thought on “Is it Really Reading?

  1. I think plenty of adults read multiple books at once. I like to “try out” a bunch of books at once and see which ones stick. Sometimes I don’t finish reading a book because it’s just not good for me. And that’s ok. I don’t consider that having read the book, but at least I gave it a try. Maybe she’s the same way.


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