Cruisin’ Blues

One month ago today, our family was on this boat in Bermuda:


Oh, how I wish I was back there right now.  From hearing other people’s experiences with cruises, you either love them or hate them.  Not sure there’s really an indifferent happy medium.  I of course love them and highly recommend if you’ve never been before.  This was the fourth cruise for The Weekend Chef and I but the kids’ first cruise.  To add to the specialness this was also an extended family cruise, with my parents, brother, and brother-in-law also on board.  We took a five night/six day cruise from Bayonne, New Jersey to Bermuda on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas.  While most cruise ships sail from the South (Florida, Texas, Louisiana) we prefer to sail out of New York/New Jersey since it saves us not having to pay airfare.  I thought a cruise would be a good extended family trip since everyone could do what they wanted to during the day and then we could meet up for meals, which is basically what we did.

Cruises are great in that there is always so much going on.  Trivia, bingo, a casino, karaoke, a fitness center, rock climbing wall, mini golf course, sports courts, movie theater, and so much more keep you busy on the way to and from your destination.  If you’re the “just want to lay by the pool all day” type you can do that too.  And there’s a ton of food!  You will NEVER go hungry on a cruise.  The Weekend Chef and I like food….especially good food.  We’ve been to some really great five star New York City restaurants but we also enjoy our Five Guys burger and fries, so we’re definitely not food snobs.  I have to say that the food on the cruise was decent.  Gourmet….no.  But pretty good, when they need to feed over 3,500 guests at every meal.

Prior to this sailing, The Weekend Chef and I stayed in interior cabins with no window.  We were rarely in the room that it didn’t really seem like a priority.  This cruise was such a steal that we even upgraded to a balcony room.  Now, I’m not sure we can ever go back to an interior room.  Waking up in the morning and seeing this view is priceless:


And Bermuda was beautiful.  The country is known for its pink sand beaches and Horseshoe Bay Beach did not disappoint.  I’m not sure that I’ve been to a prettier beach.  The water was so blue and warm enough that even I went in.


The kids had a blast on the cruise and were so sad that we had to go back home.  They had a great time at the Adventure Club (kids club) on the boat.  We had such a great vacation and can’t wait to cruise again!  Royal Caribbean has some bigger, newer boats that will be departing from Bayonne that we are super excited about!!  But for now, it’s back to reality.


Have you been on a cruise?  What’s your favorite thing about cruising?

And linking up with Kelli @ Just Beachy for my first Picture Practice.  I am trying to improve my photo taking skills!

This week’s theme was “Building.”  Here’s a photo of my office building:IMG_0200[1]


3 thoughts on “Cruisin’ Blues

  1. I could go for some time in Bermuda about now, it’s too cold here!

    I looked for a tall building to get a picture of here but most of them are ugly hotels so I went smaller!


  2. Nice to meet you! We went to Bermuda on a cruise a few years ago, sans kids. I semi-liked it but also got bored after a few days. I actually like all-inclusive resorts better, especially because we don’t have to pay for drinks or tip. Nevertheless, Bermuda is a beautiful place! Love that sunrise. Can’t beat that, for sure.


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