Sunday Social

I’m participating in my first Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley.

Sunday Social

So here we go with this week’s questions:

1. Favorite Month and why?
My favorite months are July and August. Even though I’m working, the kids don’t have all of their scheduled activities going on so we get to be more relaxed. There’s no homework or racing from one thing to another.

2. Favorite Holiday and why?
Since having kids, Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit stressful since we host our families for Christmas plus add in the stress of trying to find the perfect presents for everyone. But you can’t replace the excitement of the kids throughout the whole holiday time. There’s so much fun from decorating the tree to making cookies and wrapping presents.

3. Are you getting the new iPhone or are you more of an Android person?
I currently have an iPhone but am not getting the new one. I’ve had an Android too and really don’t have a preference. As long as I can text, check my e-mail, and take pictures I don’t really care.

4. Most thoughtful gift you have ever received from someone?
I think it was my husband’s surprise 10th anniversary trip this past April. I was so busy at work that I hadn’t had a minute to even think about even getting him a card. I asked him if we could postpone celebrating until the following week! Well, turns out that he had arranged with my parents for them to watch the kids and he had them drop him off at my job. When I left for the day he was waiting outside my car with overnight bags packed for us. He had booked a hotel in Bryant Park in New York City and had made dinner reservations at Picholine, one of the first restaurants where we did the “tasting menu.” I know that a lot of thought and planning had gone into making the day special.

5. Something you can’t wait to splurge on?
Next summer’s vacation…..possibly a trip to Disney or another cruise!


One thought on “Sunday Social

  1. I can’t remember going to Disney, we were like 5. I want to go again, I think it would be fun. That’s sweet he have you a gift on your 10yr. I can imagine it can get hectic with the kids in school & working. I don’t have kids but I look forward to that, is that weird? Hah. Happy Sunday!


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