If I Won the Lottery……

The Daily Tay

So today I’m linking up with Taylor and Helene for #Blogtober 14. I hope to be using some of their blogging prompts to help get my new blog started!

All you need is a dollar and a dream…..or so that’s what I keep telling myself. I tell my husband all the time, “If we just won the lottery….”

* I wouldn’t have to work full-time. I had the privilege of being able to be a stay-at-home mom for two years. It was a stretch financially for us and now that both of the kids are in school all day it doesn’t make sense for me to be home all day….plus the fact that we just can’t swing it financially. The mortgage isn’t going to pay itself!

We could travel…..like ALL THE TIME! Pre-kids my husband and traveled a decent amount. We would love to take the kids back to Venice, where we honeymooned, and our list of “places we’d love to travel to someday” keeps growing. It would be nice to be able to visit some of those places sooner than later.

We could buy our forever house. We bought our current house back in the housing boom of 2006. Buying it we knew it wasn’t going to be our “forever house”….except it seems like it will be. It doesn’t have a big backyard or a garage….two of the things that I’d really like. I would love to have a giant vegetable garden and not have to shovel my car out of the snow in the winter! But we had limited choices within our budget. With the down turn of the housing market, we just don’t have the ability right now to sell our house.

We could donate more money to our favorite charities and causes. I’ve had family members fight cancer and suffer from Alzheimer’s. As a former teacher in an large urban school district I’ve seen how unequal the resources are for some students.

If I won the lottery, I really don’t think too much otherwise would change. I wouldn’t go all designer in my wardrobe….but might splurge for a fancy car. I’d make sure to invest wisely so my children and future grandchildren would be able to go to college and live comfortably.

And so, I will keep buying my weekly $1 megamillions ticket…….because I can keep dreaming! And of course, “you’ve got to be in it to win it!”


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